Engineers are known for their innovation in every field of life. No matter, they remain stick to their field or choose the other field, an engineer first choice is to apply his or her engineering mind there also. Maybe you would not believe me if I told you that Mr. Bean is an engineer by education. He attended Newcastle University, where he received a degree in Electrical Engineering. He also pursued the degree of MSc in Electrical Engineering at The Queen’s College. If you are interesting in read quotes visit

You will also be surprised to read that most of the terrorist are engineers by education. Engineering field always inclined an engineer to do new and novel stuff. Gambetta and Hertog had written a paper describing why engineers are inclined toward terrorism. But it does not mean all engineers try to become a terrorist.

How engineers play basketball

The cleaner actually has engineering mind and was mocked when he was cleaning the floor by a security officer. A security officer was playing basketball when the sweeper interrupted his game as he wanted to clean the floor. The officer challenged him to play basketball and through basketball into the goal. Sweeper tried a lot, but he failed.

After all the failed attempt, he decided to use his engineering mind. He stared engineering measurement and calculations and found the best place and angle from which he can put the basketball into the goal. He successfully did this. and challenges the security officer that he is an expert and can beat him also. Come to court and play basketball with him.

This is How engineers play basketball.

My personal piece of advice

One thing every engineer keep in mind, that engineering is not a low paid profession and its scope is not low. The thing matter is that which engineering field demands more and you should choose that. Emerging field is always better option to adopt.