Basketball dribbling drills – How to Dribble basketball

We have here the top ten most effective basketball dribbling drills of all times. You’ll see that all you need here is a ball and yourself. Some of these are tricker to grasp while others are really simple but need a lot of time to get the most out of them.

Also note that some focus on different things but mostly it’s about coordination and quickness.

Slap Ball Drill

  1. Player holds the ball in his left hand and smacks the ball hard with his right hand.
  2. The player repeats this except with the opposite hands.
  3. Player releases the ball and smacks the ball hard with both hands.

Important Points: Good for developing the habit of grabbing the ball hard on a rebound, when receiving a pass or when going after a loose ball.

Body Circle Drill

  1. Player quickly moves the ball clock-wise around his neck, waist, both ankles, right ankle and then finally his left ankle.
  2. As he moves the ball around each body part he should smack the ball hard every time it moves from one hand to the other.
  3. Player repeats this except moving counterclockwise this time.

Important Points: Should feel this drill in their arms.

Flip Drill

  1. Player stands with his knees bent, feet apart, and leaning forward. He should reach both his arms behind his legs and hold the ball there.
  2. Player flips the ball forward through his legs, reaches forward, and catches the ball in front of his legs with his arms fully extended.
  3. Player hikes the ball back through his legs, reaches backward and catches the ball behind his legs.

Important Points: Should strive for quickness and should smack the ball hard as they execute this drill.  This is a great reaction drill for loose balls.

Flop Drill

  1. Player leans over with knees bent and his feet apart and holds the ball between his legs, with his right hand in front of him and his left hand behind him.
  2. Player switches the positions of his hands quickly so the ball stays where it is without hitting the floor.
  3. Player continues switching his hands, making sure that the ball stays in the same place.

Important Points: Should smack the ball hard when switching positions of hands.

Machine Gun Drill

  1. Player sits on the floor with his legs apart and fully extended (do not make them parallel).
  2. Player hits the ball, alternating between his right and left hands, and dribbles the ball between his legs as low and as fast as possible,

Important Points: The players should move hands faster than a drum roll. Great drill for developing forearm muscles.

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Skip Dribble Drill

  1. Player stands and moves his legs in a scissors-like fashion, with toes pointing straight ahead and while keeping his back straight now bent over.
  2. Player dribbles the ball through his legs from front to back, from one hand to the other.
  3. Player dribbles the ball through his legs from back to front, from one hand to the other.

Important Points: Great coordination drill. Should maintain control of the ball, concentrate on quickness, and should not watch the ball during the drill.

Crab Run Drill

  1. Player bends over and moves his legs forward a siccors-like fashion, keeping toes pointing ahead.
  2. When the right leg is forward, player moves the ball behind it and between his legs to his left hand. Does the similar thing when the left leg is forward.
  3. Player repeats steps 1-2 as he runs up the court keeping his head up at all times, and trying not to drop the ball.

Figure 8 Dribbling Drill

  1. The objective is to dribble around your legs in a figure eight like fashion.
  2. Start with feet apart and leaning to the right. Dribble with the right hand, starting on the outside of the right leg. Then lean to the left as you dribble with your left hand. Give the ball a quick, hard tap from behind the ball when switching the ball. Keep the non-dribbling between the legs (from behind) ready to make a switch.
  3. Player repeats the drill as he moves forward, dribbling a figure eight behind his legs as he walks. He starts at the outside of his right foot and dribbles behind it, then steps forward with his left foot and dribbles behind it.

Important Points: In step 2 as the player dribbles faster, the dribbles get lower and lower. In step 3, the player should keep his hands behind the ball and his palms up. In step 3, the player should work on coordinating his feet with his hands until he can bend over and almost run down the court.

Protection Dribble Drills

  1. Player zigzags up the court, pretending someone is guarding him.
  2. Player changes his dribbling hand on the change of direction while keeping his knees bent. Protect the ball be dribbling the ball to the side.

Body Control Dribble Drill

  1. Player dribbles forward three bounces. He stops with his knees bent and his feet parallel to each other. He catches the ball in front of him on the final dribble.
  2.  Repeat step 1 except backwards.
  3. Player shuffles to the left as he dribbles three times with his right hand. He stops with his knees bent and his feet parallel to each other. He catches the ball in front of him on the final dribble.
  4. Repeat step 3 except to the right with your left hand.

Important Points: When dribbling forward and back. The player should alternate using his right and left hands.  Should not concentrate on quick dribbling but rather on stopping quickly with the body under control and his knees bent.

With these ten basketball dribbling drills you can become a much ball handler guaranteed. It a matter of how much you practice them. There might be other basketball dribbling drills other than these in the future.