Basketball Fundamentals

Basketball Fundamentals– Have you ever wondered how your favorite basketball superstars pull off the things they do (like drain a three point shot as if it’s a piece of cake), well the answer is they perfected all the fundamentals of basketball (or sometimes I’ll refer to them as the basics). That’s it, there’s no secret shared between all those all-stars. They’ve just spent time mastering the basics and moved on from there. So, what are these fundamentals I keep talking about and can you be like those all-stars?

Well, the fundamentals are the foundation on which basketball are built on. And you know the saying; a building without a foundation (or a weak one) is a barely a building. But, I guess you don’t just want a metaphor so I’m going to tell you what they actually are.

The basics of basketball are the skills that make up basketball. This includes shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, and others. The best thing is that you don’t need any skills, that means you can start with zero talent and master the fundamentals (well this is because they are the skills). All you need is time and patience to keep practicing them because you can’t perfect them overnight.

So, we’ll start off by teaching the very basic basketball fundamentals like how to shoot or how to dribble. After you think you got those down, you can go to the drills (coming soon) and practice them further. I’ll also throw in other basic concept like offense and defense plus player positions. So hope you enjoy learning the fundamentals of basketball.

Basketball Shots- Basketball fundamentals

One of the main fundamentals is basketball shots. This is because shooting is the only way to score a point. But how do you shoot a basketball and how many ways are there to shoot?

basketball fundamentalsWell there are three different types; a layup, a jump shot and a free throw. Now, a free throw and a jump shot are practically the same except for one small step. A layup is much different than a jump shot or a free throw. So here are the basics of shooting.

You will see that most basketball players have the same form because it’s the best way to properly shoot a ball. When I was growing up I often remembered a pneumonic device; B-E-E-F. These are some aspects that you need to remember while shooting.

B- Balance yourself by keeping your feet shoulder width apart and your knees bent.

E- Your elbow needs to be underneath the ball so that it creates a near or a full 90 degrees angle.

E- Focus your eyes at the front of the rim so that you have a target to shoot at.

F- Follow Through your shot when you flick your wrist. This should create backspin which means more control and a greater chance of bouncing in if it hits the rim.

Even if you’re a player who can drain shots but has a bad form, it’s better to fix it. You’ll see that you won’t be able to make them as well as you use to for a peroid. But after a while it’ll all pay off when they’re better than before.

So remember to keep B-E-E-F in your mind while learning to shoot a basketball. Those are only the basics of basketball shots it’s time to learn how to shoot a basketball.

How to Shoot a Basketball

Before learning how to shoot a basketball I suggest you read this if you haven’t already done so. It’s time to get to the real deal and learn how to shoot. We’ll start with the jump shot (and include the free throw in it) then we’ll learn how to do a lay-up.

Jump Shot/Free Throw

1. To set up for the shot, hold the ball with your strong hand (using your finger tips) and stand in the triple threat position. Keep your head up looking at the rim and your knees bent.

2. In one motion bring your arm near your forehead so that your strong hand is underneath the the ball (with your index finger aligned to the center) and your other hand on the side. By now your elbow should be about at a right angle.

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3. You should start straightening out your knees so that you’re body is rising. Once you get on your tippy toes push off floor and jump (so that you’re in the air).

4. Now you should allow your weak hand (the one on the side) to leave the ball just before flicking your wrist (to avoid it from interfering). When you do flick your wrist make sure you should have enough power and the ball has backspin on it. Remember to follow through.

5. During a game what most players do wrong is sit and watch their shot, instead of going to rebound it. So don’t develop any bad habits and get your rebound even if it’s going in.

What about a free throw? Well as you see in step three, you’re suppose to jump off the floor once your reach your tippy toes. Just skip the jump. Follow the rest of the instruction on your tippy toes. Not jumping can be an advantage when it comes to accuracy, but it’s only better when it’s not long range or when you don’t have defensive pressure.

And those are the instructions to a jump shot and a free throw. But those aren’t the only things you need to know when learning how to shoot a basketball.

Performing a Lay-up

A lay-up is sort of different (and suppose to be the simpler) then the other shots because it involves two addition things. Taking a few steps forward, and hitting it off the backboard on an angle. But how do you do a lay-up?

Well the lay-up involves you dribbling to the basket on a 45 degree on either side of the net. You also have to use either hand depending what side you’re coming from. Here’s what you need to do for your approach.

basketball fundamentals layup

1. After getting close enough carry the ball and take one and a half steps towards the basket.

2. Leap off of one foot (if you’re approaching from the right then leap off the left and if you’re approaching from the left, leap off the right). And raise your other knee in the air.

3. If you’re on the left do this with your left hand (even if it’s your weak one) and if you’re on the right do this with you’re right hand. Just release the ball gently on the backboard (your target is the top corner of the square that’s on the backboard). If you do it right it should go in almost 100 percent of the time (again if you do it right).

So that concludes the basketball basics on how to shoot a basketball. Remember everybody has those days when none of their shots aren’t going in. To avoid these days just practice everyday, just shoot and keep shooting.