Basketball Passing Drills – How to pass Basketball

The foundation of team work in basketball is passing. Next to basketball shooting, passing is the most important fundamental in the offensive end of the floor. Passing is the fastest way of moving the ball up the court. To be a good passer you must have good peripheral vision. The passer must determine if a teammate is open when attempting to get him the ball, you must be aware of the defender position . See you receiver , recognize if their position on the floor and are the ready to for a pass. A good passer will create passing lanes. Let see some Basketball Passing Drills.

Two ways of creating a passing lane is by Dribbling or faking.

  • Dribbling: if you defender is playing loosely dribble towards him to freeze him up and pass to your teammate or if the defender is playing you closely take a quick dribble on the side to create an opening for the pass.
  •  Faking: This is another method used to create passing lanes. If the defender arms are down, fake pass high and then pass the ball low. if the defenders arms are high fake low and then pass high.

Basketball Passing Drills

Passing principals

  1. Pass ahead to an open player
    • Always look to pass ahead to an open teammate.
    • No not passes ahead to a teammate if they are not in a better floor position then you.
  2. Be accurate
    • pass the ball to a spot where your teammate can do something with the it.
    • On perimeter passes, aim for the shoot pocket
    • Always through the ball on the side away from the defender
    • See both the defender and the hand of the receiver.
  3. Trow quick, crisp passes
    • Always put some”zip into your passes by snapping you wrist on the follow-through.
    • Do not wind up when you pass the ball
    • take a quick step in the direction of the pass.
    • Both hand on the ball until you release the pass
    • Pass the ball quickly before the defender as time to react
  4. Deliver the ball on time
    • You must anticipate the speed of your receiver on the cut.
    • the pass must be delivered when the receiver is open
    • A late pass is a poor pass.
  5. Use fakes to open passing lanes
    • it is difficult to pass around a defender that is playing off the ball. Close the distance between you and the defender and the use fakes to get the defenders hands out of position
    • Fake in one direction and pass in the opposite direction
    • Don’t telegraph you pass.

Catching the pass

Passing and catching go hand in hand. This another very important fundamental skill.

  1. Give the passer a target
    • keep your hands up.
    • Show the passer where you want the ball thrown.
  2. Meet each pass
    • move toward the ball until the catch in made
    • Cut toward the pass or take a step and reach for the basketball.
  3. Catch the ball with two hands
    • Concentrate on the flight of the ball
    • Do not attempt your next move before you actually catch the ball
    • Do not try to catch the ball with one hands
    • Relax your prior to catching the ball
    • After catching the ball on the perimeter square up to the basket and  put the ball in triple threat position.

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Types of passes

Two hand chest pass:
is the most effective and efficient pass for ball movement.

  • Position the ball in the center of your chest close to your body.
  • Your hands should be placed on both sides of the basketball
  • Place your thumbs behind the ball
  • Bend the body forward, step toward the receiver
  • Release the ball by extending the elbows as your thumbs turn down and palm rotate outwards.
  • Push the thumbs through the ball to produce a backspin.
  • Snap your wrists on the the follow-through

Two hand bounce pass:

  • Use the same grip as the chest pass
  • Bend your body forward and step towards the receiver
  • Release the ball by extending the elbows as your thumbs turn down and palm rotate outwards.
  • Push the thumbs through the ball to produce a backspin
  • Snap your wrists on the the follow-through
  • The ball should bounce about two-thirds of the distance between the passer and the receiver
  • The receive should catch the ball about waist high.

Overhead pass:
the overhead pass is used when you have to pass the ball over a defender

  • Hold the ball directly above you head.
  • Get the ball with the finger pointed upwards and the thumbs in the back of the ball pointing inwards
  • Step forward with the pass
  • Trust your arms forward
  • Release the ball with a quick snap of the wrist and fingers
  • your finger should be pointing at the target
  • the receiver should get the ball at chin level

One-hand push pass:
The one-hand push pass is used to pass through players or past a defender who is guarding closely.

  •  Start in triple-threat position with one hand behind and the other hand on the side of the ball
  • Use a quick push and wrist snap to provide the force for the pass
  • Release the ball past the defender


Baseball Pass:
The baseball pass is used as a long pass to a cuter breaking towards the basket.

  • Keep your body parallel to the sidelines
  • Position the passing hand behind the ball and the other hand is in front slightly under the ball
  • Plant the rear foot and step with the front foot toward the receiver
  • keep both hands on the ball as long as possible
  • Throw the ball from behind the ear
  • follow through and extend the arm

Behind the back pass:

  • Turn your body toward the passing arm side
  • keep both hands on the ball as you move it to a position behind your hip
  • cup the ball in your throwing hand
  • Swing your throwing arm in a circular motion around the body and behind the back
  • Provide the force of the pass by a whip of the arm and by finger flexing on the release
  • point your fingers at the target on the follow-through.

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