Basketball Shooting Drills – How to shoot a basketball

We are going to provide you with a few Basketball Shooting Drills to help you improve your shooting.  Here we will learn How to shoot a basketball effectively and properly.

How to shoot a basketball

Form Shooting (without the ball)

This drill is to evaluate your form. Take an imaginary shot and watch your form. Shoot in a mirror to check your elbow. Start the drill in slow motion to check all of your fundamentals.

Form Shooting  (with the ball)

This is also to evaluate your form. Shoot the ball straight up in the air. Watch the rotation of the ball. Watch your follow through. Do as many repetitions as needed to develop consistent fundamentals.

One hand shooting

  • Stand right next to the basket 2 ft. from the bucket
  • Shoot with one hand (Do not use your legs)
  • Concentrate on your form (flip of the wrist and follow through)
  • eyes on the target shooting for a swish
  • When you make three in a row take a ½ step back
  • Hold the follow through until the ball is through the net
  • Spend 5 to 10 minutes a day on one hand shooting
  • Work on bank shots to

Load the gun

  • The shooter faces the basket with the feet shoulder with apart in a staggered stance with the shooting foot slightly ahead
  • The shooter holds the ball  in the shot pocket, finger pointing up
  • Verify your hand placement, shooting hand and balance hand.
  • On the “GO” command lock the wrist
  • Hold the position and check the alignment of your feet, had, wrist and elbow.

 Catch and load the gun

  • Receive a pass from another player and quickly adjust and load the gun
  • Pass the ball back to your partner
  • Your partner loads the gun as well
  • Do this for 10 to 15 repetitions
  • This can also be done by passing the ball against the wall

Floor Shooting

  • Lie down on your back with the ball in the shot pocket
  • Check the position of your shooting and balance hand
  • Cock the wrist and shoot the ball up and forward
  • Extend your arm
  • Hold the follow-though
  • Try to get ball to return to the starting position
  • Set your self a goal, a number of shoots to return to the initial position


Overhand layup drill for beginners

Before we get to it, I’m going to point out common mistakes made by beginners.

  1. Taking your eyes off the target
  2. Taking off the wrong foot
  3. Taking off too late
  4. Taking off too early

The following drills are highly recommended to learn how to do a layup!

Step and high jump

  • Place yourself two steps away from the from the basket, you should be at a 45 degree angle from the basket
  • Hold and imaginary ball
  • Step with the opposite from the hand from the shooting hand if you had a ball
  • Drive the other leg and knee up and toward the basket
  • Focus on your eyes on the top corner of the backboard square

Step and shoot

  • Hold the ball and position yourself as in the previous drill (step and high jump)
  • Place your shooting hand in the center of and back of the ball
  • Place you balance hand on the side of the ball
  • Step with the foot opposite from the shooting hand
  • Drive the other led and knee up toward the basket
  • Stay focused on the target
  • Extend the elbow and flex your wrist forward
  • Keep the balance hand on the ball until you release it
  • Shoot the ball softly off the top corner of the backboard square
  • Stay focused on the target and see the ball trough the net

Dribble and shoot

  • Start 3 steps away from the basket
  • take a step with the foot on the same side as your shooting hand
  • Dribble the ball once and bring the non dribbling hand to the ball
  • Jump off the the foot opposite from the shooting hand
  • Drive the shooting leg and knee up towards the basket
  • extend the elbow and flex the wrist forward
  • Shoot the ball high and soft off the top corner f the backboard square

Mikan Drill

  • Player stands directly to the right of the basket, facing the baseline, and with the ball held over his head with both hands.
  • Jumping off his left foot, player converts a layup with his right hand using the backboard
  • Player immediately takes a step back under the basket, and rebounds the ball before it hits the floor
  • Player takes a step to the left side of the basket and repeats the drill, jumping off his right foot and shooting with his left hand

Focus on proper footwork, exploding off the correct foot on each side of the basket Keep ball up above head. Use the backboard. Make every layup.

Hope you love our basketball drills