Improve your confidence, improve your game

Confidence is a key part of driving your success as a basketball player.

Your confidence levels will go up and down over the course of a game, over the course of a season, and over the course of your career. But to play at your best, and go as far as you want to go in the game, you have to constantly work at keeping your confidence levels high.

Keeping your confidence level high isn’t too much of a problem when things are going well: when you’re playing great and your team is winning games. It’s during the tough times that you’ll have to work harder at being confident in your abilities.

So how can you become more confident in your game, and keep your confidence levels up when things aren’t going your way, or you’re in a rough stretch?

First off, let’s break down what confidence really is. In short, it’s a belief in yourself, a belief in your ability to play and compete. So how do you get that confidence?

Sometimes it comes naturally. Some people just seem to have more confident personalities or attitudes than other people. It may be how they were raised. It may be that they are just somehow naturally wired that way. Whatever the reason, your job is to make sure you have a confident attitude, whether you’re that way naturally, or whether you have work at getting it.

The best way to develop confidence in your game is to put the time and effort into becoming a solid basketball player. As you develop your game, and become better and better over time, you’ll naturally feel much more confident in yourself when you take the floor. And as you achieve more and more success (competing and outplaying good competition, making the team, breaking into the starting lineup, increasing your scoring average, helping your team win games and succeed, etc.), you’re going to naturally feel better about yourself, and your game, and this is really confidence building.

Just like anything else in life, and in sports, becoming more confident isn’t something that’s going to come easy. You have to work at getting it, and building it, and keeping it. No one is going to come up to you one day and give you confidence. It’s not something you get from a pill, or a nutritional supplement. It’s something that comes from within.

In the same way you make the decision to become a better player, go out and shoot around for hours and hours, to go to the gym and work on your strength, to go to the track to work on your endurance and quickness…in the same way, you decide to believe in yourself.

Ask a good player why they are confident in themselves and they’ll say: because I know I can play, because I know I am good.

So how can you “know” that you’re good? When you put the time and effort and passion into becoming a good player that experiences success. As you work your way through your career, you’ll have to remain confident in yourself as you go through the ups and downs that we all experience. And that’s going to be the hard part: keeping that strong belief in yourself even during the times when you experience failure, and set-backs.

There’s no easy answer to the question: how can you become more confident? It’s about hard work, preparation, self-talk (keeping the thought in your head that you will be successful), and then going out and making it happen.

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