How Basketball Drills Can Improve Performance

Basketball is most definitely a demanding sport. No one would ever suggest that it isn’t. The mere fact that you would be running up and down the court for four periods definitely requires a certain amount of conditioning. And, of course, you are not running up and down the court in an arbitrary manner. You are doing so to score points or prevent the other team from scoring. That means your game has to be sharp and you must do what is needed to avoid tiring or losing your reflexes. If you are a coach you will need to do what is required to ensure your team plays at peak performance from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. This is where effective basketball drills come into play.

Where to Start

While there are quite a number of different basketball drills you can select from, you want to start out with basic drills. The three most common would be

  • Warmup Drills
  • Shooting Drills
  • Passing Drills

Warmup drills should never be overlooked because they ensure your body is primed to handle more rigorous training sessions. You never want to suffer an injury when taking part in basketball drills and warmups reduce the potential for such an occurrence.

Basketball warmup Drills

Shooting drills can vary and are intended to help enhance accuracy and conditioning at the same time. One simple drill entails shooting at the basket and taking one step back after each shot until reaching the three point line or even the half-court line. Another shooting drill could entail taking ten shots and run one lap around the court after each and every shot.

Passing basketball drills are important because you need to pass the ball to someone who is in better position to take a shot. The simplest of all passing drills would be for the players for form a circle around one player. The ball is passed to the person in the middle who passes it to someone in the circle. The one who receives the ball then immediately dribbles to the middle of the court and repeats the passing process.

Again, there are a myriad of shooting and passing drills and none of them are overly complicated. This is true of all basketball drills since you do not want the drills to be weighed down by a lot of overly complicated steps.

Other Helpful Basketball Drills

Since the game of basketball requires players to perform a wide range of different duties on the court, you will need to take part in a great many different basketball drills designed to ensure your skills in these many different areas are properly sharpened. Such areas can include:

  • Rebounding Drills
  • Transition Drills
  • Footwork Drills
  • Handling the Ball Drills

How much time you spend on these basketball drills will depend on the training program a particular coach thinks with be most necessary. Some coaches might make each drills a part of every practice session while others may rank the drills in terms of their priority and schedule particular drills for particular times of the week. This is not to infer that any of these drills are lacking in importance. Rather, it is simply to point out that coaches may have to prioritize training sessions. As a result, the coach will need to select drills based on the main needs of the team and the time allocated per week for drilling and training.

Cardio is King

While there are scores of different basketball drills intended to enhance your offensive and defensive capabilities, you need to invest time in conditioning drills. These drills are what keep you from becoming tired when you are playing. Since you can never perform at peak efficiency levels when you are tired, drills of this nature can prove to be incredibly helpful. Granted, conditioning drills can be the least fun drills to take part in they are of vital importance if you want to play at peak performance. Even simple plyometric drills such as jumping over cones and skipping rope can have an amazing effect on cardio and conditioning improvement.

Drills in basketball are incredibly helpful since they can provide the much needed performance support required for getting the body into the proper condition for playing what is a very demanding team sport. So, look towards these drills with the right attitude and you will experience great results.