Weight Training For Basketball – 3 Tips For Basketball Players

If you want to be a good basketball player, then you need to have skill, finesse and hustle. These traits though will become useless if you do not have the right amount of strength and stamina to last for almost an hour on the court. This is the reason why weight training for basketball is important for people who want to become good in the game.

Do you think Michael Jordan would have been as good as he was during his heyday if he didn’t give enough attention to weight training for basketball. He was even quoted as saying, “I was taking a lot of physical beatings from New York and Detroit, and people were saying ‘well, the way to play Michael Jordan is to physically beat him”‘. Indeed, weight training for basketball is not only for the big centers and power forwards but also for the relatively small players like the guards.

Below are three very important tips with regards to weight training for basketball.

Train for Three Times Every Week – No More

Basketball players should train for no more than three times per week in order for them to gain muscle and experience an explosive increase in strength and muscle mass. By training just 3 days every week, you will be giving sufficient time for your muscles to rest and repair themselves for growth.

One of the most common mistakes that are being made by many players is spending more time in the gym than needed. Spending more time practicing ball handling skills and shooting may produce good results but the same is not true when it comes to muscle development.

Basketball weight training workouts should constitute of all-body workouts instead of split exercise that train the upper and lower bodies in separate days.

Do Not Spend More than 60 Minutes per Training Session

Your gym time should not last more than 60 minute per session. Spending more than an hour in the gym means that you are simply spending too much time in the gym or you are not doing the exercises with the needed intensity.

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For your weight training for basketball workouts to be effective, make sure that they are high intensity workouts. Doing so will provide you with two benefits: Improvement of stamina and endurance while building muscles and reduction of workout time which makes it easier to follow a regular schedule especially if you have classes or work.

You should avoid doing your weight training for basketball workout on game days especially if you are just starting out with the routine. Working out on game days may leave you feeling fatigued for the actual games and may cause you to underperform.

Do Compound Exercises to have Functional and Explosive Power

You must make sure that you get explosive and functional muscle development from your weight training for basketball workout.

It is not enough to simply become and look big if you are a basketball player. This is the reason why you need to perform compound exercises which provides functionality and flexibility.

Compound exercises are exercises that target multiple muscle groups at the same time. Examples of these kind of exercises include bench press, squats, bent over rows and deadlifts. These exercises are better than isolation exercises because they stimulate more muscle fibers per movement and increase the strength and growth rate of muscles. Comment if you like basketballl tips